Abbotsford Division of Family Practice

Community Partnerships

Douglas College

The Abbotsford Division of Family Practice has partnered with Douglas College, Operation & Project Management programs to create the Team Based Care Calculator.

The Team Calculator calculates the Health Human Resource composition of Physicians and Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs) needed to support patient-centered, primary care for various patient populations.

The Calculator analyzes specific patient panels, based on specific diagnosis parameters, and identifies the best clinical service delivery composition model by addressing the progressive healthcare concerns of those patients. The service delivery composition model reflects and maximizes the accepted scopes of practice of all the health human resources included in the care modeling for the specific panel of a given clinic

The Tool is being developed in partnership with Douglas College, Operation and Project Management Programs as an Applied Research Project. We invite members to test the tool at and give us your feedback of the development to date. 

Partner with us and dare to test this tool at: