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Walk-in Clinics Project Group

Physicians in the VDFP’s walk-in clinics (WICs) ​in Victoria have been involved in VDFP work examining the role WICs play in primary care in Victoria, identifying common issues among WIC physicians, supporting improvements in WIC practice and the local health system, and providing WIC perspectives to groups within the Division and other stakeholders. Engaged WIC physicians have partnered with researchers from the University of Victoria to study who uses walk in clinics and why; who provides walk in services and why; and what impact walk in services have on the local health system. As well, physicians are engaged in our work related to the Primary Care Home/Patient Medical Home model and Transitions in Care.

For more information about the role of WIC physicians in the VDFP's work, please contact Kristin Atwood, Project Lead, at

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Kristin Atwood, PhD
Project Lead - Transitions in Care
Privacy and Evaluation Officer
Cell: 250-885-0234
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