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TORCH Practice Model

What is TORCH?

TORCH (Towards Optimal Residential Care Health) is an initiative of the Victoria Division of Family Practice (VDFP) in collaboration with Island Health, patients and family members, and other care providers, to improve access to and quality of medical care in residential care.


The TORCH practice model is built around the RCI best practice expectations, where physicians become MRP for concentrated groups of 20-30 patients at one facility (or multiple groups at multiple facilities), attend the facility at a regularly scheduled time on a weekly basis, and participate in team-based care processes.


TORCH Prototype Evaluation Results

The TORCH prototype project was undertaken from January to December 2015.


During the prototype period, 20 innovative physicians and 4 committed residential care facility teams contributed to improved care for more than 350 patients through the TORCH model.


Results from the comprehensive, external TORCH evaluation show significant improvements on key indicators and quality standards in residential care

  • Residents with a visit within first 7 days increased from 45% to 85%
  • Residents with at least one visit every 90 days increased from 37% to 97%
  • Residents with a completed Advance Care Plan in the chart increased from 53% to 90%
  • Hospitalization and ER transfers decreased by 6%

TORCH physicians said they find the TORCH practice model provides more efficient, predictable, and team-based care, resulting in high levels of satisfaction.


TORCH provides a structure that enables improvements in proactive medical care, more on-site care and a reduced reliance on fax communication (which facility staff report is time consuming and takes away valuable time for patient care), and high levels of patient and provider satisfaction.

Read the full evaluation report here: TORCH Evaluation Report


What is the difference between TORCH and RCI? Do I have to choose one or the other?


Simply put, TORCH is one of several medical practice models operating under the Residential Care Initiative (RCI).


TORCH is a structured, collaborative medical practice model – a way for physicians to structure their medical practice in order to simplify caring for patients in residential care, by maximizing time & efficiency and building on the strengths of team-based care.


RCI requires an intention to comply with a set of best practice expectations. These expectations can be achieved through a variety of medical practice models, TORCH being one of them. RCI provides funding and resources to physicians who opt-in, and asks that physicians agree to meet six best practice expectations, through any practice model of their choosing (for example, following their own patients into whichever facility they are admitted, or limiting their practice to a limited number of facilities and being part of an on-call rota).


TORCH asks participants to work within a collaborative practice structure designed to meet the RCI best practice expectations. RCI asks that participants agree to meet the prescribed best practice expectations, regardless of practice structure. It is possible for physicians to be part of both TORCH and RCI, RCI alone, or neither.


TORCH Spread

With the support of local physicians and residential care facility staff, the TORCH practice model will spread in our region, and will continue to improve patient care and quality of life. TORCH spread is currently being undertaken at several sites. Please contact an RCI Team member to find out more and to get involved.


Get involved with TORCH

We are actively seeking both physicians and facilities interested in learning more about TORCH. To find out about how the TORCH practice model can make Residential Care practice more fulfilling and rewarding, please email us at, call us at 778-265-3137 or contact an RCI Program team member:


Get involved...

Email us


778 265 3137
or contact an RCI Program
Team member:

Juna Cizman, RCI Program Manager
Jessica Swinburnson, RCI ​Program Coordinator 

TORCH Physicians...
  • care for groups of 20-30 residents and cross-cover for colleagues while on site
  • visit the residential care facility once per week during daytime hours
  • see an average of 12 patients during their average 3 hours shift
  • respond to TORCH calls/faxes on average once/week outside of scheduled visits
  • earn an average of $159/hour in MSP billings
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