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The RCI program team is pleased to announce a new RCI Facility Quality Improvement (QI) Intensive program for interested facility teams who are ready to take up the challenge to improve patient care, beginning in Fall 2016.  

We intend to work closely with all South Island and Victoria facility teams who are interested in fully implementing the RCI; we are looking for 2-4 facility teams to who are ready and interested in participating in a trial of the RCI Facility QI Intensive program now.  

To get involved, please review the attached RCI Facility QI Intensive info sheet


The RCI Facility QI Intensive is a program designed to support facilities to more fully adopt and integrate RCI quality improvements.  

The RCI program team will attend the site to collaboratively assess the current state of best practice expectations, plan for improvements, and support the implementation and evaluation of improvements, all through a QI lens using PDSA (Plan-Do-Study- Act) cycles.  


Through implementation of other best practice models, the RCI program team has learned that intensive, on-site support for an initial period of time (dependent on the size and the needs of the facility) is an effective method of creating change that improves patient care, as well as the care provider experience.  

Change is then sustained through ongoing supports and QI initiatives that create more robust integration of change into existing systems.  


The RCI QI Intensive takes place primarily on-site at the residential care facility, through lunch and learns, workshops, and small group ‘just in time’ learning, with possible offsite enrichment sessions.


The first round of QI Intensives began in Fall 2016.  


The RCI QI Intensive is for all key facility staff who are involved with implementing the RCI. We work most intensively with clinical and administrative staff, and also provide information and support for all clinical and administrative staff who work with RCI physicians in some way. The QI intensive will also support team-building and communication between facility staff and physicians.  

How do we get involved?

To get involved, please review the RCI QI Intensive Readiness Checklist and email

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