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RCI Benefits & Incentives

Physicians who opt-in to the Residential Care Initiative (RCI) are eligible to receive a variety of benefits and incentives:


RCI Payments

Physicians who participate in the RCI ​can receive a total of $325 per resident (broken down as follows) to meet best practice expectations:

Total annual compensation cannot exceed the $45,000.00 annual limit per physician, as stipulated by GPSC. Once a physician has opted-in to the RCI program, progress toward meeting best practice expectations at each facility is required. This funding model will be reviewed by all physicians participating in the RCI program, and adjusted as needed to support excellent care.


Payments are made on a quarterly basis, with most participating physicians receiving payment by direct deposit. A quarterly statement detailing patient numbers as provided by each facility, is also provided by email. Review full RCI payment information in the RCI Questions and Answers


RCI Learning Series

The RCI Learning Series offers monthly learning opportunities for physicians and other interdisciplinary residential care team members to explore relevant topics in residential care with local experts and guest speakers.

Learning Series 2017/2018, Schedule

Learning Series 2016/2017, Schedule

RCI Practice Supports

Practice supports include a variety of services and resources that streamline and enhance residential care practice for RCI physicians:

  • Parking passes – ensure physicians have dedicated parking when providing care to patients at residential care sites.
  • Fax to email services – ensure physicians receive requests for patient care faxed from facilities directly to their smartphone; if requested, copies of lab reports can also be received via the fax to email directly from the lab.
  • Billing optimization – provides physicians with the knowledge and support to ensure residential care practice is financially rewarding through resources like the Residential Care Billing Guide, billing workshops, and the assistance of a billing consultant.
  • Support with after hours call – ensure physicians are supported to find an after hours call solution that fits, through call groups or other options.
  • Networking socials – provide physicians with an opportunity to engage with peers to discuss moral, ethical and practical dilemmas of practice in residential care, share experiences and connect to find solutions.


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Easy to Opt-in to the RCI

  1. Review RCI Questions and Answers

  2. Opt-in to the program by signing a system-wide RCI Letter of Agreement that covers all residents for whom you are MRP.

  3. Access RCI Benefits and Incentives.

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