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Victoria and South Island Residential Care Initiative (RCI) Program

Locally, the South Island and Victoria Divisions of Family Practice are working together on a collaborative regional approach to implementing the RCI, given the overlap in geography and physicians between the two divisions.

The South Island and Victoria regional RCI launched in August of 2015, with an emphasis on improving patient care, engaging and supporting physicians to meet the Best Practice Expectations, and facilitating collaborative system change with residential care sites and Island Health.

RCI Best Practice Expectations

Many physicians already meet most of the RCI best practice; however, the RCI program team will support physicians to achieve all the best practice expectations where there are barriers:

  • 24/7 availability and on-site attendance, when required,
  • Proactive visits to residents,
  • Meaningful medication reviews,
  • Completed documentation,
  • Attendance at case conferences, and
  • Participation in a regular quality improvement process.

Together, the RCI program team, physicians, and residential care facility teams are positively impacting system-level outcomes by:

  • reducing unnecessary or inappropriate hospital transfers,
  • improving patient-provider experience, and
  • decreasing cost/patient as a result of a higher quality of care.

Physicians who participate in the RCI will receive RCI payments of up to $325 per resident, as well as other Benefits and Incentives.


How to Opt in to the RCI

  1. Review RCI Questions and Answers for full program details.
  2. Opt-in to the program by signing a system-wide RCI Letter of Agreement that covers all residents for whom you are MRP.
  3. Access RCI Benefits and Incentives, including regular RCI payments.

Local RCI status update

  • 76 Physicians in Victoria and South Island have opted in to the RCI
  • These 76 physicians provide coverage for approximately 81% of residents
  • All 37 local residential care facilities have engagement with RCI physicians

RCI Steering Committee

The Victoria and South Island RCI is governed by a Steering Committee with members from both the Victoria and South Island Divisions of Family Practice, and Island Health:

  • Dr. Tom Bailey, (Co-Chair) Medical Director of Residential Services, Island Health; SIDFP member
  • Clay Barber, Executive Director, SIDFP
  • Dr. Ernie Chang, SIDFP member
  • Juna Cizman, RCI Project Manager
  • Alisa Harrison, Executive Director, VDFP
  • Dr. Margaret Manville, RCI Clinical Lead
  • Dr. Katharine McKeen (Co-Chair), VDFP member
  • Dr. Mike Miles, VDFP member
  • Dr. Robin Saunders, SIDFP member

Get involved in the RCI

Want to opt in to RCI but don’t have any residents yet? Have residential care patients but need help with next steps?

For one-to-one support to opt in or find out more about the RCI please email us at, call us at 778-265-3137, or contact an RCI Program team member:

Read the full TORCH model evaluation here: TORCH Evaluation Report - Final.pdf

Get Involved...

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Easy to Opt-in to the RCI

  1. Review RCI Questions and Answers

  2. Opt-in to the program by signing a system-wide RCI Letter of Agreement that covers all residents for whom you are MRP.

  3. Access RCI Benefits and Incentives.

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