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Practice Model: CORE Physician

Collaboration and Coordination for Residential Excellence


The CORE Physician model aims to optimize collaborative, coordinated practice in residential care and ensure quality, consistent medical care to residents. CORE stands for Collaboration and Coordination for Residential Excellence.

Why a CORE Physician Model? 


Responding to the requests of Victoria and South Island Division members and facility leaders, the Residential Care Initiative (RCI) program team is developing new models of care structured around the GPSC RCI best practice expectations. The CORE Physician Model allows for more individual flexibility than the successful but highly structured TORCH model, at the same time providing increased coordination and efficiency.  

A cornerstone of the new model would be a Physician Rota, which would:

  • facilitate the procurement of a physician for every new admission,
  • provide opportunities for physicians to grow their residential care practice at a manageable rate, and
  • help ensure a more evenly distributed workload for physicians.

The CORE Physician model ‚Äčaims to further enrich supportive, team-based care environments, and support participating physicians to meet the best practice expectations of the RCI, as well as Island Health Residential Services medical care standards. In addition, adoption of the model enables facilities to demonstrate commitment to leadership in residential care practice that will positively impact the system level RCI outcomes.

CORE Physician participants agree to:

  • Work collaboratively with facility staff to develop efficient, effective communication processes
  • Participate in the Physician Rota to accept new admissions, together with other physician colleagues
  • Attend the facility to provide proactive visits on a regular basis
  • Opt-in to the RCI and agree to meet the best practice expectations:
    • 24/7 availability and on-site attendance, when required
    • Proactive visits to residents
    • Meaningful medication reviews
    • Completed documentation
    • Attendance at case conferences
    • Participation in a regular quality improvement process to enhance care at the facility

In exchange for their commitment, CORE Physicians receive:

  • Payment at the session rate to attend facility-based meetings (every 6-8 weeks during the first year) with the Medical Coordinator, fellow physicians, and clinical staff to help refine the CORE Physician model and to work on physician-facility communication processes
  • Support from facility staff to enable their participation at care conferences and medication reviews, at a convenient time
  • Assistance with the credentialing process, if required
  • Parking stipend
  • RCI Learning Series sessions, billing support, mentoring, fax to email service and other resources, as needed  

The transition to a CORE Physician Model will be supported by the Medical Coordinator, the facility Administrative team, and the RCI program team. Please contact us to learn more.

Juna Cizman, RCI Program Manager
‚ÄčNicole Jee RCI Program Coordinator

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