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Patient Summaries on Hospital Admission Project

In 2015, we initiated our first Patient Summaries on Admission project, followed by a more extensive study in 2016-17. The purpose of the project is to ensure that community GPs can send in longitudinal patient information early on in an acute care stay, to support treatment and planning, including discharge planning. The pilots were collaboratively designed between GPs and hospitalists to ensure that the information GPs prepared was targeted to hospitalists’ needs.

Evaluation of our last cycle is underway as of June 2017, and in the meantime we are working to sustain the work by advocating for fee code coverage. We have also worked with Island Health to ensure that summaries are easily accessible to hospital providers, including physicians and allied health professionals, by scanning them into the Electronic Health Record. These scanned summaries will form the “first chapter” of a shared plan of care that can be used to support patient care under a Primary Care Home/ Patient Medical Home model.

More information about our evaluation results and our sustainability work will be posted here as it becomes available, so be sure to check back!



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Kristin Atwood, PhD
Project Lead
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