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Frail Elderly Pilot Project

Collaborative project by the Victoria Division of Family Practice and the Seniors Health program at Island Health


Information on Community Resources

  • There are a lot of great community programs and sources of information for frail seniors
  • It is challenging to stay up to date on current programs
  • It can be difficult and time consuming to navigate the available community resources
  • A goal of this project is to be able increase the ability for GPs and MOAs to more easily navigate community resources and provide information to their patients in a timely manner.

Key Resources:

These sites provide information and links to community programs. There is overlap between the information on the websites. 

This resource was developed by the VDFP to provide information on MHSU services. It is accessible on the VDFP website:
We have provided links that have information on a variety of community resources with specific resources in the following areas:

Contact Us

Christine Tomori
Project Manager
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