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RACE is a novel strategy to enhance patient care. For traditional referrals, patients often wait months to see a specialist, however minor advice may be all that is needed. An educational interaction with knowledge transfer is encouraged when the specialist answers the call. In the spirit of “capacity building”, specialists are recruited for their interest in teaching and communication as well as their recognition as key opinion leaders. Compensation for physicians is via fee-for-service billing. While any FP could call any specialist, prior to RACE, it was on a “catch me if you can” basis and there was no guarantee that a specialist could be contacted or would call back in a timely manner. The RACE line provides structure to promote easy accessibility while allowing for sustainability through an organized rotation. Patients may have their healthcare issue dealt with in their FP office instead of needing to see a specialist. This will often render face-to-face consultation or referral to an emergency department unnecessary. 

Race Provides 

  • Timely guidance and advice regarding assessment, management and treatment of patients
  • Assistance with plan of care
  • Teaching opportunities — educational and practical advice
  • Enhanced ability for FPs to manage patients in their offices
  • Calls returned within two hours and commonly within an hour

Race Does Not Provide

  • Appointment booking and expedited referral
  • Results of diagnostic investigations to the referring physician
  • Arrangement of:
    • Transfers within 24 hours
    • Laboratory or diagnostic investigations
    • A hospital bed

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