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City Centre UPCC

The City Centre UPCC provides residents in Vancouver improved access to team-based urgent primary care.  As the first in Vancouver, the City Centre UPCC opened its doors November 2018, and as of June 2019 has treated 5,240 patients.  It is not intended to replace family physicians or nurse practitioners as a person’s first point of contact for health concerns, nor will it replace Emergency Departments for life-threatening illnesses or injuries. It is intended to be an additional service in the community, working in concert with all touch points for care to provide appropriate urgent services to patients, when and where they need it, with the overall goal to enhance patient care.  This includes addressing challenges faced by unattached patients, or when patients can’t see their own primary care provider.  The UPCC is available for extended hours and on weekends, and provides basic lab, diagnostic imaging and a pharmacy on site (Seymour Pharmacy and the UPCC are registered as a Take Home Naloxone Distribution Sites) and access to mental-health and substance-use services. 

People can self-refer on a walk-in basis for their urgent primary care needs. Urgent primary care being the care that people need within 12-24 hours, for conditions, such as sprains, urinary problems, ear infections, minor cuts or burns, however in accordance with the Ministry policy, any patient presenting will be seen regardless of their circumstance or acuity, and each will be assessed by a triage nurse who will determine a CTAS score of acuity. The most urgent patients will be treated first.

Starting January 2019, the UPCC is working with the Vancouver Division to begin attaching 10,000 patients a year to a primary care provider in the community. Patient attachment is supported through 3 mechanisms: Vancouver Divisions Patient Attachment Initiative via hotline cards distribution and faxed referrals; Seymour Health Care Inc Primary Care Clinic cards for attachment of the most urgent complex patients who need immediate primary care and cannot wait for the Division’s process; and VCH owned and operated Primary Care Clinics (mandated for high needs and vulnerable populations).

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People living in East Vancouver will have better access to team-based urgent and primary care with the opening of the new REACH Urgent and Primary Care Centre, the second UPCC to be announced in Vancouver and the ninth to be announced in B.C. under the government’s primary care strategy. The REACH Urgent and Primary Care Centre will provide care for more than 37,000 additional patients each year who will be seen by a team of health-care providers, including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, licensed practical nurses, social workers, a clinical pharmacist and office staff.


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