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Recruitment & Retention

With a growing population and large group of physicians retiring, opportunities for practice are available all over the city! The Division offers many supports to any GP interested in short and long term work opportunities through the Recruitment & Retention Program. To access this free program or learn more about the support offered to GPs practicing within the city of Vancouver, ​CONTACT US today! 
Personalized Locum Matching

Our Personalized Locum Matching Program takes a hands-on approach with matching GPs and clinics. Once we get to know what you're looking for, we will send you a handful of clinics that we think will suit your needs.

Permanent Clinic Opportunities
​There are many opportunities to join established clinics, start your own, or take over a retiring practice. If you are considering taking over a practice or settling in somewhere full time, let us know and we can help support you through the process.

Practice Development
We understand a lot goes into building a family practice and are here to support you. From helping with billing support to building up your patient panel, our staff will walk you through the processes needed to establish or expand your practice.

Networking Opportunities
The division hosts many events including CME accredited events, networking/socializing events, and working meetings catering to specific areas of health care. These are all great opportunities for physicians new to Vancouver or just wanting to re-connect.


“I was in a position where I not only needed to find temporary jobs, but also needed to make connections. I’m not particularly assertive or the networking type, but I knew I needed to find a group of doctors where I would be comfortable. Working with the Division was really helpful because I was able to be totally upfront, and was relieved that I wouldn’t surprise anyone in the end when I asked for references.”  
- Vancouver GP on their experience working with the GP Support Team

"I was very impressed with how personalized the support was. Unlike other support programs we have tried in the past, they came and asked us what we needed rather than presenting us with a one-size-fits-all program. As each practice is so different, we really found this valuable."
- Vancouver GP on their experience working with the GP Support Team

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The Vancouver Division of Family Practice currently has more than 1,000 family doctors and resident members.

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