Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Practice Optimization



Our Practice Optimization program collaborates with family doctors and community partners to ​improve practice efficiencies to ​increase capacity


Workflow Optimization

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Ensuring optimal clinic efficiency and patient satisfaction is largely attributed to ongoing assessment and evaluation of clinic workflow. We have created resources and tools that assist clinics in managing and refining their workflow to create a more efficient practice. 


Patient Panel Analysis

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Establishing a manageable patient panel is crucial to providing quality care for patients and establishing a balanced workload. Our Patient Panel Calculator allows physicians to self-assess their patient panel and predict financial outcomes when practice changes are implemented. This advanced tool has assisted over 100 physicians in preparing retirement timelines, assessing the outcome of monthly schedule changes and evaluating locum coverage to quantify how these changes will affect their optimal patient panel. 


Patient Engagement

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To ensure patients are receiving accurate and up-to-date information, we work with clinics to develop tools and techniques to improve communication with their patients. This includes website development, e-booking access, development of patient materials and posters, and understanding and developing solutions to fit the needs of  their unique patient population.


Decision Support

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Monitoring a clinic’s financial health reduces any approximation and guess work, which contributes to a more effective and efficient practice. Our advanced Excel-based tools allow clinics to track, analyze, and forecast their earnings and expenses, and compare financial implications of various business decisions.