Vancouver Division of Family Practice


The Division offers opportunities for members to engage with colleagues, communities of practice and our work. Every member has a voice at the Division, from governance, involvement on a committee, working group or project, to participating in events, surveys and our AGM, as well as accessing member support services. It’s the commitment of members that drives the work of the Division. We’re excited to feature a sampling of the many ways members impact our community.


To become a Member of the Vancouver Division, you:

  • Must be a practicing family physician with or without hospital privileges who delivers the majority of his or her services in Doctors of BC District Three (Vancouver) whether on a sessional, fee for service, salaried, or other basis; and whether delivering full-service, specialized (obstetrical, ER, hospitalists) services, or services at a walk-in clinic; and
  • Must be a general practitioner or family doctor who is duly licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia; or
  • Complete and submit an application on the form approved by the Directors; or
  • Be a resident physician on a full or educational license, practicing in the Vancouver area, and enrolled in the UBC family physician residency program

In the case of any ambiguity or doubt as to whether an applicant for membership is eligible for membership, such ambiguity or doubt will be resolved by the Directors and their decision will be final and binding.

To be eligible for admission as a NON-VOTING associate member, a person must:

  • be a retired family physician who delivered the majority of his or her services in the Doctors of BC District three (Vancouver), whether on a sessional, fee-for-service, salaried, or other basis; and delivered full service, specialized (obstetrical, ER, hospitalists) services, or services at a walk-in clinic (members in this category receive no sessional compensation).


Become a Member


Please note: By applying to become a member, you acknowledge that you understand the Vancouver Division of Family Practice's privacy policy and understand the Vancouver Division will use collected information to improve front-line health care for patients and the Vancouver population, and to support family doctors in enhancing their well-being and professional satisfaction. Read our privacy policy.

Please review the constitution and bylaws.
In the case of any doubt about the eligibility of an applicant, the directors will make a binding decision.