South Island Division of Family Practice

Mission and Strategic Plan


"Healthy family practices supporting healthy patient outcomes."

SIDFP Strat Plan_0.JPG


The Division provides strategic leadership that influences and advocates for cultures and systems to improve patient care delivery, improve physician satisfaction and wellbeing, and support sustainability.


Empowered Family Physicians engaged in meaningful change to health care delivery resulting in improved health, wellbeing, and satisfaction for physicians, individuals, and communities. All our work is informed by principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion.


  • Collaboration
    We believe in respectful, mutually beneficial, and effective relationships and partnerships.

  • Strategic Leadership
    We work strategically, and in an effective and efficient manner to shift cultures and systems to improve patient care and physician satisfaction. We lift our physicians to lead and advocate for primary care system change.

  • Physician Health
    We believe that physician health and well-being are necessary foundations for the provision of quality health care.

  • Accountability
    We believe in being fully accountable to members, partners, and funders.

  • Organizational Culture
    We value the unique contributions of individuals, welcome diversity of opinion in the best interest of the whole organization, and believe that action arising out of consensus is most likely to lead to achievement of our mission. We model a simple, effective organizational structure.