South Island Division of Family Practice

Dr. Mark Sherman - Board Co-Chair


As a Family Physician in Greater Victoria for the past 20 years I have worked in hospital, community health centers, and group family practices. I have worked on multidisciplinary teams under fee for service, and with alternative payment contracts. I have been part of founding the Victoria Health Co-operative and the BC Association for Living Mindfully (BCALM), and have been at the Shoreline Brentwood Clinic since its inception. I have served as medical director at the Victoria Health Co-operative, Executive Director at BCALM, a preceptor for medical students and residents, and have served on several not-for-profit Boards.  I now devote half of my time to working in physician wellness, teaching, and sharing with, physicians and other health care professionals across BC.

I feel that these experiences over the past 2 decades will inform the work that I do, along with my fellow directors, if I am successful in my nomination. I am passionate, experienced, and have strong skills in communication, advocacy and mindfulness.  I understand, personally and professionally, the importance of physician health and wellbeing in order to have a sustainable and effective health care system.  And I believe that we are at a pivotal point in Family Medicine when we are reclaiming our value and our worth as a profession. This is our opportunity to advocate for a new way forward, locally and provincially, and I humbly ask for your support in representing you in this regard.