South Island Division of Family Practice

Membership Policy

(effective September 2019)

The Board of Directors of the South Island Division of Family Practice ‘SIDFP’ aspire to attract as many eligible family physicians & family medicine residents to join the Division as possible. This will have the greatest impact on supporting and advocating for family physicians, and improving patient outcomes.

SIDFP Members play a strong role in assessing and improving Division projects. Members can help the Division by providing information and regular feedback to staff and board members, or by participating in the service agreements negotiated and administered by the Division. Member involvement is key to the success of the Division.

The Board of Directors of the SIDFP has established the following Membership Policy & Eligibility Criteria (subject to review from time to time):

  • Members are required to submit an application online through the SIDFP website or by completing a pdf copy of the current membership form and emailing or faxing it to the SIDFP office, and to provide any updates to their contact information if there are any changes.
  • Applicants will be reviewed and approved by the SIDFP Board of Directors, in accordance with the bylaws of the SIDFP at each month’s board meeting.
  • The membership list is reviewed annually to reflect changes in the membership such as retirement and relocation of physicians who are no longer practicing in the community.
  • A membership term will be five years, at which point, the Division office will contact members regarding a renewal of membership. There are no membership dues.
  • Members are eligible to receive the benefits of SIDFP participation, including a complimentary copy of the constitution and bylaws, and updates and information related to the work of the Division.


Membership Eligibility Criteria

There are two types of SIDFP membership, as described in the Bylaws: “General Members” and “Associate Members”

            A General Member (voting) must be:

  • A general practitioner or family physician who is duly licensed by, and in good standing with, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia; and
  • Active in clinical practice with or without hospital privileges within the area. 

            An Associate Member (non-voting):

  • Is not eligible as a General Member;
  • Ordinarily resides or practices (or practiced) within the area; and
  • If practicing, must be in good standing with their professional/regulatory body.

                        Associate Members belong to the following categories (in no particular order):

  • A Family Physician with a provisional license;
  • Family Medicine Residents;
  • Physicians retired from practice;
  • Nurse Practitioners and Midwives;
  • Physicians who do not practice as family or general practitioners
  • Allied Health providers and MOAs

NOTE: Members who are currently practicing family physicians/general practitioners may be given: preferential registration privileges for SIDFP sponsored events, and access to Division resources.

The SIDFP welcomes membership applications from individuals who are members of other Divisions of Family Practice, subject to the aforementioned membership eligibility criteria.