South Island Division of Family Practice

2020-2021 Board Election Results

Dear Members,

I want to first thank those who put their names forward to run for election.  These are your peers who felt compelled to get involved and represent you and your interests on the Board of Directors.  I hope that you acknowledge their willingness and commitment.

Second, I want to thank those members who cast their vote and continue to engage in the activities of the Division.

With 100 votes cast representing 38.5% of eligible ballots, the following nominees were elected to the SIDFP Board of Directors for the next two years:

Dr. Jane McGregor, Dr. Laura Ritonja & Dr. Vanessa Young

Their terms officially began at the close of the AGM on September 16, 2020.

On behalf of the current Board, staff and members, I wish to thank Dr. Claire Block, Dr. Charlie Lamb and Dr. Matthew Ward for stepping forward and running.  I know they will continue to represent members and family practice in general.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me, the Board or staff with questions, concerns and comments.  We are here for you, the members.


Clay Barber, Executive Director