South Island Division of Family Practice



Pathways was created by physicians for physicians and their office staff to improve patient referrals to specialists and clinics.

Pathways is an online resource that allows GPs and their office staff to quickly access current and accurate referral information, including wait times and areas of expertise, for specialists and specialty clinics. In addition, Pathways makes available hundreds of patient and physician resources that are categorized and searchable. Access to Pathways is currently limited to GPs and/or NPs (and their staff) within British Columbia who are members of a Division of Family Practice, as well as specialists who fall within the geographic boundaries of these Divisions.

Pathways contributes to improved patient outcomes by improving timely access to specialists, and providing a central hub for decision aids, guidelines, pearls, red flags, and patient education materials.

Use the Pathways online tool to:

  • View up-to-date information about specialists in your community
  • Access current referral forms specific to the specialist or clinic you are referring to
  • Email secure health information to your patients
  • See important health news/updates from the Medical Health Officer (MHO) and others

If you have any queries or would like an access key for your yourself or your MOA/clinic, please contact us at

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