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You will find information on Neurology doctors below. Most doctors will have a Pathways Profile where you can gain access to their address and contact information.

Practice Summary

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Stroke Rapid Assessment Unit VGH   1 Hospital Way,
Victoria BC
V8Z 6R5

Ph: 778 433 3138
Fax: 778 433 3118
MS Clinic
  • For patients without confirmed MS, where MS is being considered as a diagnosis, please refer to a community Neurologist first
  • For patients with confirmed MS--please refer by fax directly to the clinic
  • Standardized referral form is available
  • For questions about your patients with known MS and followed through the Clinic (depending on urgency/level of concern)
  • Contact their MRP MS Neurologist
  • Contact the MS Clinic RN
  • Contact the on-call Neurologist
Richmond Pavilion
Level 2

Phone: 250 370 8398
Fax: 250 519 1834
Stroke Rapid Assessment Clinic SRAU
  • This Clinic is dedicated to the investigation and management of acute TIA/stroke patients who are in need of investigation but who do not require emergent (ER) care or hospitalization.
  • Ideal population are those patients within 2 weeks of their event. There is an ARR of stroke recurrence from 9% to 2% if patients are seen and investigated within 48 hours of their event in a clinic structure such as the SRAU. These Clinics are being established worldwide as the standard of acute TIA/stroke care.
  • Patients are triaged based on standardized triage scores.
  • The Clinic functions as an "outpatient ER" where tests are performed on site followed by a Neurology Consultation.
  • Clinic visits vary in length from 2-6 hours.
  • A standardized referral form is available.
Stroke Rapid Assessment Unit

Phone: 250 727 4056
Fax: 250 727 4356
Neuro Electrodiagnostics NCS/EMG Out-patient Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) can be obtained through referrals direct to Neurologists who perform these studies Referrals to individual Neurologist’s offices
Neuro – Rehabilitation Clinic Patients with traumatic and acquired brain injuries VGH

Phone: 250.727.4221
Fax: 250.727.4225
Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Clinic Patients with suspected NPH VGH

Phone: 250.727.4221
Fax: 250.727.4225
Adults with Epilepsy and Developmental Disability Clinic
  • Clinic dedicated to Epilepsy management for developmentally disabled adults
  • A referral form is available through Dr Attwell – Pope’s office
Phone: 250-380-2545
Fax: 250-380-2510
Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic
  • Direct referrals to Dr. Atkins by Fax (778-265-0098)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of all Neuro-Ophthalmologic disorders including:
    • Ptosis,
    • Diplopia,
    • Nystagmus,
    • Optic Neuropathies,
    • Visual Field Disturbances,
    • Visual Loss/symptoms,
    • Pupil Disorders,
    • Systemic or Endocrine Disorders with Visual Symptoms,
    • Abnormalities of Eye Movements,
    • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension(papilledema)
Clinic 5 at RJH

Phone: 778-265-4423
Fax : 778-265-0098