South Island Division of Family Practice

Physician Health and Wellness



Support physician health and work-life balance at the local level, for physicians and their families. To support healthy living in their work and relationships. Increase awareness of existing resources and how to access them – and supplement them as/where needed.

Key discussion points/topics:

  • Physicians finding physicians

  • Work-life balance

  • Balint groups

  • Review Doctors of BC physician health program

  • Involve families in meaningful way

  • Support mental health

  • Social event with guest speaker

  • Physician wellness fair

  • Practice-based small learning modules through McMaster University.


Docs in a Row:

Gold may have won the day but the Bronze team battled through extreme adversity, two death-defying boat flips during practice and a mutinous crew to capture Bronze. Strong leadership from Dave Morton saved the day during adverse conditions. Wind and rain defeated lessor crews.

Gold had to evacuate Elizabeth Rhoades from her seat (so she could at last have personal time) and reach into the ER to snag veteran Brendon Irvine to fire up a winning combination under the tyranny of Jeff Pocock that left the team collapsed at the finish. The fact that we raised the most money for KidSport was actually the highlight  of the day! The team goal was $400 and with a bit of help from our colleagues, we managed to raise $575.

The Corporate Rowing Challenge took place on May 28, 2016 at Elk Lake. Participants practiced twice a week for seven weeks prior to the event.

Gold medal winning team – Drs. Andre duToit, Brendon Irvine, Murray Stanwick, Jeff Pocock and Elizabeth Rhoades.

Bronze winning team (pictured at right) – Drs. Michele Fretz, Azaria Marthyman, David Morton, Judith Jones

Click here to view Video of the Golden Boys (Jeff, Andre, Brendon and Murray) warming up.
(Submitted by Dr. Andre duToit - June 2016)

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