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UPDATED: 6 August, 2021




The Mindful MOA -- Finding Calm Amidst the Storm, facilitated by Dr. Mark Sherman

Medical Office Assistants are the frontline of our healthcare system, and often the first contact of patients to their care.  At the best of times this work demands long hours of dealing with telephones, computers, electronic medical records, many pieces of paper and, ultimately, the patients who are often stressed, scared, or even desperate, to see their physician and to get some help.


COVID 19 has offered many additional challenges to this work.  There are fears and uncertainty associated with the virus; the disconnect from your team as we increasingly work isolated; and trying to navigate the increasing stress and anxiety of patients dealing with all that has unfolded in the past 14 months.


The SIDFP has worked with Dr. Mark Sherman to develop this course (and THANK YOU! to all MOAs who provided feedback as part of the survey to develop this offering).  The course can accommodate up to 20 SIDFP MOAs per series.  Course costs are covered by the SIDFP.


The Mindful MOA is a 4 week course in mindfulness based stress management.  During this interactive and experiential program, MOAs will explore the following themes:

  1. An introduction to mindfulness based stress management
  2. Navigating conflict 
  3. Mindful communication
  4. Kindness and self compassion


While each session will be offered virtually through Zoom, participants will be introduced to meditation, and encouraged to cultivate a regular meditation practice between the weekly sessions in order to better understand how these skills can allow us to meet the unique challenges of our work in ways that nurture joy, meaning and a sense of resilience.


A successful first round of the course took place in June 2021!  The next round of training is as yet to be determined - please keep an eye on SIDFP e-bulletins and/or check back here!


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