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Do the Right Amount of Less with Pathways

Beyond the outstanding referral database, Pathways is home to thousands of curated patient and physician resources that can be accessed in real time to support the care you’re providing. The Rural and Remote Division’s Pathways team made this sort video to show how you too can do the right amount of less…

To apply for access for your office, please complete this
downloadable PDF (Pathways Access) and return it to 
the Division Pathways Administrator at

Pathways is a web based resource to streamline and optimize patient referrals. The website provides a comprehensive, searchable database of specialists, specialty clinics and services as well as a wide range of physician resources, patient education materials and forms. The system was created by physicians, for physicians and is operated on a cost recovery basis using open-source software.

The Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice is implementing Pathways as a resource for its members and we are excited to bring this powerful new resource to members. 

Pathways contributes to improved patient outcomes by improving timely access to specialists, and providing a central hub for decision aids, guidelines, pearls, red flags, and patient education materials.

Use the Pathways online tool to:

  • View up-to-date information about specialists in your region
  • Access current referral forms specific to the specialist or clinic you are referring to
  • Email secure health information to your patients
  • See important health news/updates from the Medical Health Officer (MHO) and others

User Resources

Download Pathways User Guide

Pathways Newsletter - March 2018 > click here
Pathways Newsletter - September 2017 > click here

Some quick tips:

Help us keep Pathways up to date for all users.

At the bottom of each specialist or clinic page is a button labelled “Incorrect information”. Click that button and a form will appear that will allow you to enter any comments about the specialist or clinic that you have. 

Type your feedback and press “Send Feedback”. Your comments will be sent directly to the Pathways Administrator responsible for that information and they will review and act on your feedback, possibly getting in touch with you for follow-up.

Pathways was developed for physicians, by physicians and users contributing is a big part of what makes the system work.

Suggest resources

Users can help grow the repository of resources available on Pathways. Resources may be local, regional or provincial but should follow a few basic criteria:

  1. Free of industry bias
  2. Legal to share
  3. Easy/quick to use during a clinical encounter
  4. Evidence based
  5. Useful and practical
  6. Not a duplication of existing resource
  7. Current and up to date
  8. Provincial resources must be unanimously approved by Pathways Provincial Resource Committee

You can also give feedback on an existing resource by using the “megaphone” link on any resource list page or by using the Incorrect Information button.

Use the Favourites functionality to flag the content you use most

You can make a favourite by pressing the ♥ on the specialist or clinic page beside their name. It will change from black to red showing that the resource has been successfully added to your Favourites list, which is accessible from the top of every page, under Favourites. You can remove a favourite at any time by clicking on the red heart, which will change back to black. You can also favourite content that you regularly reference, such as Red Flags or Pearls.

Take advantage of the search parameters in your specialist and clinic searches

When you log into Pathways it will consistently show you specialists based on a default search area developed for your region. You can adjust the results you see based on geography, service, wait times languages and more. Wait times can vary and sometimes expanding the search to include a broader geographic area can produce a result that might reduce the wait for the patient.

Keep your account secure

If you need to change the email and password associated with your account you are able to do that under the “You” menu in the top right hand corner of the system. Note that changing either will log you out and ask you to log back in with your new settings.

Reach out with questions, concerns or suggestions

The Division Pathways Administrator would be happy to help you or to bring your suggestion forward to the Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice Pathways Leadership Team. Reach the Division Pathways Administrator at