Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice

Open Chapter

The Open Chapter works to effect change that benefits doctors and patients in rural and remote communities throughout BC. It was created to provide an opportunity for rural physicians for whom a regionally based divisional structure is not ideal, or for those wishing to focus on system-wide enhancements. To date, our membership represents three groups of physicians: doctors from communities scattered across rural and remote BC that are too small to form a separate chapter and don’t fit well within adjacent divisions, rural locum physicians, and rural physicians involved in broad rural initiatives, such as telemedicine, recruitment and retention strategies, and new approaches to sustainable rural health service models. The Open Chapter is in the early stages of its growth and welcomes doctors from around the province as members.  

To view current opportunities to locum in one of Rural and Remote's Chapters, please visit the Locum Jobs page.  For more opportunities, visit HealthMatch BC.

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Our Team
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