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Your doctor’s office is still open to help you at this time of need. Please call and make an appointment in the usual fashion. At the time of your appointment, your doctor will consult with you via telehealth (telephone call or video call) to assess you. Many things can be done by telehealth appointments including renewing most of your medications.   

If your doctor decides you need to be assessed in person, your doctor will arrange this with you as deemed safe.

Please see below for a list of clinics in Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows.

Clinics in Maple Ridge Offering Telehealth Appointments:

Clinics in Pitt Meadows Offering Telehealth Appointments:

If you don’t have a family doctor or nurse practitioner, please CLICK HERE to find out which family doctors and nurse practitioners are currently accepting patients, or you can visit a walk-in clinic.

Walk-in Clinics Offering Telehealth Appointments:

Maple Ridge:

Pitt Meadows: