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The Community Spotlights

In this new column, we will be endeavoring to provide you with useful information, to expand your options, when it comes to what you can offer your patients. Each column will be based around what supports and services are there to assist you or your patients with a particular medical need or condition. Whenever possible we will be featuring Richmond based, local, services. We will not be featuring all services, but the services that are the best first places to go, who may then signpost your patients to more tailored options.  

Alcohol/ Drug/ Substance Misuse    

Richmond Addiction Services (RAS) offers support and counselling and have been operating in Richmond since 1975. Patients are encouraged to call 604-270-9220 and RASS staff will gather information to determine which of their services are appropriate, or if a referral to detox, residential treatment, recovery and/or other community resources is necessary.

To make a direct referral to RASS Please download the referral form which is available via the RASS website at

Alcohol & Drug Information Referral Service

Alcohol & Drug Information Referral Service (ADIRS) provides free, confidential information and referral services to British Columbians in need of support with any kind of substance use issue (alcohol or other drugs). Referral to community substance use treatment services is available for all ages. Information available from ADIRS includes prevention resources, support groups, and addiction related topics such as fetal alcohol syndrome.

Contact ADIRS toll-free at 1 800 663-1441, or in the lower mainland at 604 660-9382. Free, multilingual telephone assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Funded by the Ministry of Health, and provided by BC 2-1-1.

Crisis Services: Be aware that if your patients are facing an immediate crisis and need immediate assistance, please contact CHIMO Community Services at 604-279-7070.

Dental Services for Those on Low- Income

Many of our patients that live on a lower income may face barriers to accessing dental care.  Here are some resources that may be of use to them.


Healthy Kids Benefit (government dental benefit). This helps with the cost of basic dental care, glasses and hearing aids for children up to age 19 years. Your patients can call a free number to find out more and see if they qualify: 1-866-866-0800.

VCH - Richmond Public Health Dental Program

  • Provides no cost oral screening, counseling and fluoride treatment for 0 – 5 year olds who are not able to go to a private dental office
  • Arranges free dental checkups and/or treatment at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry for children up to the age of 12 years who do not have dental insurance.
  • Helps eligible families access Healthy Kids Benefit and various funds for dental treatment.
  • Has a list of which dental offices take Healthy Kids and see one year olds as per the Canadian Dental Association.



Government Dental Benefits

Adults may get basic dental coverage if they:

Free Dental Clinic - UBC Dental students in partnership with Richmond Health Services, and local dentists provide free basic dental treatment  2-4x/year. Applications are through the VCH-Richmond Public Health Dental Program and Community Partners.

Clients are screened to see if they have the type of treatment that can be done prior to this clinic. Those with complex needs are given info on alternate resources, usually the UBC School of Dentistry itself. 

For more information on any of the above programs, have your patients can call the Richmond Public Health Dental Program at (t) 604.233.3104

Updated on February 19, 2020