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Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks

What are Primary Care Networks?

Across BC, divisions of family practice, the health authority and community partners are working to establish primary care networks (PCNs).

A PCN is a clinical network of local primary care service providers located in a geographical area, with patient medical homes (PMHs) as the foundation.

In a PCN, family physicians and nurse practitioners, nursing and allied health providers, health and community organizations work together to provide care services to people in a geographical community. Together, they:

  • Enhance patient care using a team-based approach to care.
  • Support each other and work to their strengths.
  • Further link patients to other parts of the system, including health authority specialized community programs for vulnerable patient groups (e.g., frail elderly)
  • Collectively increase a community’s capacity to provide greater access to primary care.

Richmond's Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks in Richmond were announced in Spring 2019, with Minister of Health Adrian Dix announcing Richmond as the first group of communities to implement Primary Care Networks in British Columbia.

Press Conference City Hall A. Dix.jpg

Co-led by RDFP and VCH-Richmond, highlights of PCN Year One include:

  • Launch of governance structures to support the design and implementation of PCN including active leadership by Richmond family physicians in the development of PCN, steering and community input through the Community Advisory Committee.
  • Hiring of PCN staff including mental health counsellors, social workers, chronic disease management nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians and support team.
  • Successful launch of a Living Labs initiative to place PCN allied health and nursing staff into Richmond practices, prior to the pandemic.
  • Successful pivot of entire PCN team to support practices and Richmond residents during the initial phases of the pandemic.
  • Recruitment of two Nurse Practitioners to open practices in Richmond
  • PCN team support to maximize influenza vaccinations through in-practice services and expanded home visits.

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Allied Health Infographics

In collaboration with PCN Allied Health providers, the Richmond Division has developed a series of infographics to help both physicians and patients understand the purpose and responsibilities of these Allied Health professionals. 

Click here to view infographics. 

For more information, contact us at 604-233-5686.

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