Richmond Division of Family Practice

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Provided by CBT-Skills, an MSP-funded, physician-led program for adult patients.

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If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, are motivated to learn more about yourself and your patterns, and are willing and able to try new ways of behaving then, the CBT skills group may be right for you.

The CBT skills group program, based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a simple and powerful concept which can influence our feelings by relating differently to our thoughts and changing how we act. In this program, you learn to relate to your thoughts skillfully and choose behaviours that help you in the long term.

  • A 90-minute session facilitated by a physician once a week for eight weeks.
  • A skilled training program set in a group format with around 15 people.
  • Includes up to an hour of home practice each week to apply what you learn after each session to develop new ways of thinking and behaving to engage with your life and friends in meaningful ways.

CBT program poster for patients

Managing our mental health becomes a challenge in these darker months resulting in more frequent mental health visits for family physicians. That’s why the CBT Skills Group program is offering over 100 groups this winter, from January to March 2023.

  • Groups include also Raising Resilient Kids, new parents, ADHD, and more! Patients can enroll and participate online, with little to no waitlist.

Raising Resilient Kids Groups are designed for parents with kids 0-6 years old to help them preparing and support themselves in raising secure, resilient children based on medical evidence.

  • This is a preventative care program designed to strengthen caregiver-child relationships.
  • Group details: Eight Weekly 1.5–2 hr
  • Group Medical virtual Visits. COST: $65 no-show deposit.

For participation in any CBT-Skills group, please check with your doctor and complete a screening questionnaire together; you will find out if the CBT skills program is suitable for you.