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Shared Care Resources

After a division has been operating for a while and its systems and processes are in place, it may consider participating in other initiatives of Doctors of BC, the GPSC, or Ministry of Health.

Deciding to participate in such initiatives can raise questions for both the division board and staff. What process should/does the division have to use? How can the division ensure that its participation in the program is successful and that the new program builds on the division’s good reputation in its community?

Shared Care Committee initiatives offer a good example. The Shared Care Committee is a joint committee of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health that supports specialist and family physicians to work together more effectively to improve health care delivery to patients. There are a number of Shared Care initiatives that divisions can become involved in including Partners in Care, Transitions in Care, Polypharmacy, Teledermatology, Youth Transitions, and Rapid Access to Psychiatry. 

When a division takes on a Shared Care project, there are a number of things to consider, such as how the division will:
  • Partner with the Shared Care Committee.
  • Work with its partners to manage the project.
  • Prepare to meet the challenges it might encounter.
  • Plan for the future.
Some divisions have successfully implemented Shared Care projects and have experience, ideas, and resources to share with other divisions. If your division is considering a Shared Care project, there are learning resources you can refer to for insight and ideas. See the links to these resources in the right-hand panel of this page.

In the case studies, click on the highlighted text to access other resources such as role descriptions, job descriptions, process descriptions, and terminology definitions that may help you understand and broaden the scope of the story. 

Tell us about a heath care delivery challenge you’ve encountered and addressed through a Shared Care project that you feel other divisions may benefit by knowing about, or give us your feedback on these resources.


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