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Provincial Round Tables

The provincial divisions team regularly invites lead physicians and divisions staff from around the province to round table events, giving them an opportunity to participate in dialogue and direction planning. You can view information about past Provincial Round Table events, including summary reports and supporting materials, here.

Divisions of Family Practice - Strengthening our Common Agenda

June 16 & 17, 2016

Susan Papadionissiou, Executive Lead, Divisions of Family Practice, Provincial Divisions Office, set the tone for the two-day learning session, encouraging divisions to strive to find a balance between autonomy and interdependence, learn from each other, and embark on transformative change together.

Access the Summary Report or to learn more and for a list of downloadable ​presentation materials from the event, please see below.

DAY 1 - Thursday, June 16, 2016


Strengthening Interface between Divisions & GPSC
Susan Papadionissiou, Executive Lead, Doctors of BC; Wendy Hansson, GPSC Co-Chair – Ministry of Health; Dr Khati Hendry, GPSC - Doctors of BC; Dr Garey  Mazowita, GPSC - Ministry of Health
Learn the how the GPSC is deepening their commitment to representing the diversity of interests and concerns of GPs while refining the patient medical home/primary care home model.
Implementing a Primary Care Home/Patient Medical Home: The Northern Experience
Presenters: Drs. Bill Clifford and Barend Grobbelaar, Prince George Division; Richard Moody, Fort St. John Division; Karin Blouw, Pacific Northwest Division; Catherine Textor, Prince George Division; Sean Ebert, Northern Interior Rural Division
A panel of physicians from northern BC shared their challenges and learnings related to team-based care and early models of patient medical homes.
A Collaborative Primary Care Model for Solo Practices: Neighbourhood Networks
Presenters: Dr Jack Kliman, Richmond Division of Family Practice and Marnie Goldenberg, Richmond Division of Family Practice
The Richmond division is striving to balance physician needs and interests within a primary care landscape that is shifting toward the patient medical home and primary care home models.


IM/IT and the Patient Medical Home/Primary Care Home: What is Needed?
Presenters: Dr Terry Chang, Vancouver Division of Family Practice and Dr Bill Clifford, Prince George Division of Family Practice
Drs Chang and Clifford reviewed key activities and analytics resources that are available to support practices in transitioning to the patient medical home model.
Strengthening the Rural and Small Division Voice
Hosted by: Dr Rebecca Lindley, Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice and Dr Ray Markham, Northern Interior Rural Division of Family Practice, RCCbc
Learn how GPs in rural areas work within a broad scope of practice and collaborate closely with specialist colleagues—both identified as important attributes of the patient medical home and primary care home model.
Physician Leadership and the Social Determinants of Health
Panelists: Dr Lee MacKay, Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice; Vanessa Bcric, Basics for Health Society; Dr Dean Brown, Health Connection Clinic; Victoria Lee, Fraser Health Authority; Val Tregillus, Child and Youth Mental Health; Janet Austin, YWCA Vancouver
A generous full-day session designed to explore transferring the focus of patient care from the individual to the population level.  Discussion included building a practice focused on the social determinants of health into a framework for health provider action that included poverty and other social determinants of health. 

Disaster Preparedness
Presenters: Dr Ian Bekker, Victoria Division of Family Practice and Dr Graham Dodd, Thompson Region Division of Family Practice
Is your practice prepared to respond to community health care needs in the event of a disaster? Learn how to prepare your practice and support a local community response.
Communications Guidelines and Information Sharing Between GPs and Community Partners
Presenters: Dr Randy McCuaig, Board Chair of Delta Division of Family Practice and Geri McGrath, Executive Director of Delta Division of Family Practice
Through their A GP for Me work, Delta Division of Family Practice found ways to improve relationships and communications between GPs and mental health and substance use treatment providers through professional and community networking events. As a result of this work, the Division developed a set of communications guidelines for information sharing (produced in compliance with privacy legislation, FIPA/PIPA) that have improved communication and benefited MHSU patients.
Interdivisional Collaboration on Patient Attachment Mechanisms
Presenters: Dr Christine Florakas and Claire Doherty, North Shore Division of Family Practice; Dr Julie Nguyen and Barbara Lai, Vancouver Division of Family Practice; and Tristan Smith, Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice
This session promoted discussion about the rationale, potential, and options for interdivisional collaboration toward creating explored a province-wide Patient Attachment Mechanism.
Residential Care Quality Improvement
Presenter: Dr Ian Bekker, Victoria Division of Family Practice
Invaluable learning, resources, and recommendations arose during discussion of shared experiences of work being done on the Residential Care Initiative (RCI).

Supporting Physicians in Moving Towards the Patient Medical Home/Primary Care Home 
Presenters: Dr. Brenda Hefford, Executive Director, Practice Support and Quality; Dr. Shelley Ross, GPSC Co-Chair, Doctors of BC; Dr. George Watson, GPSC Incentive Working Group; Nancy South, Ministry of Health, GPSC Incentive Working Group
A review of the meaning of the 12 attributes of the patient medical home/primary care home, and a testing of ideas about how the GPSC's strategies might support physicians in moving towards these.

DAY 2 - Friday, June 17, 2016


Overview of GPSC Vision
Brenda Hefford, Executive Director Practice Support and Quality; Shelley Ross, GPSC Co-Chair, Doctors of BC; and Wendy Hansson, GPSC Co-Chair, Ministry of Health, opened the second day of the Spring Event with an overview of the GPSC’s new vision.

Shared Vision: Ministry Perspective
Deputy Minister, Stephen Brown
The Deputy Minister addresses divisions and GPSC leadership, reconfirming the commitment to collaboration and to refining the aspirational goals of the primary care home and patient medical home.
Divisions as Learning Organizations
Nathalie Gagnon, Evaluation Consultant
What does it means to be a “learning organization”?
Governance and the New Societies Act
Raewyn Brewer, ​Governance Lawyer
Understand how impending changes to the Societies Act can affect and improve the way we do our work.Impact Measurement Framework
Nathalie Gagnon, PhD, Evaluation Consultant and Sue Davis, Physician Engagement Leader
Helping divisions to tell their story, learn from each other, and demonstrate and build on our efforts.



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