Chapter 8: Telephones and Information Technology

8.11 System Downtime Procedures


[YOUR CLINIC NAME]’s contingency plan is used to maintain continuity of care and business functions before, during, after an EMR downtime event occurs and fits into the clinic’s overarching emergency plan.  Once completed, the checklist will help to ensure access to patient information in the EMR for pre-booked patients, identify processes for operating during the downtime, and establish plans for entry of data after the downtime to maintain continuity of the patient records in the EMR.

View the full downtime procedure document.

The Steps to Follow:

  1. Identify lead roles in the event of downtime
  2. Identify all contacts that may be required in case of a downtime
  3. Review the Downtime Contingency Checklist
  4. Complete a Contingency Plan for each Critical Business Function
  5. Frequently check your EMR Business Continuity Copy (BCC) and this Checklist
  6. Record any downtime events