Update on refreshing PCN governance

Work is continuing on the PCN governance refresh. In March, the PCN Transition Working Group (TWG) provided suggestions with options for evolving the PCN governance model to FPSC (Family Practice Services Committee) Co-Chairs Dr Sari Cooper and Ted Patterson. The Co-Chairs are currently working through the operational impacts of each option. An update with more detail on next steps is anticipated in July.

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April 20, 2023

The Transition Working Group (TWG) has completed its discussions and provided feedback to the FPSC Co-Chairs, Dr Sari Cooper and Ted Patterson, who are now considering all of the input and continuing discussions with key partners.

While this process is ongoing, divisions, health authorities, and CSCs are asked to continue with the excellent collaborative work that is underway locally on PCN planning and implementation. Until there’s a formal response to the TWG, there won’t be any changes made to the PCN model.

An update will be provided once next steps have been determined, which is anticipated to take about eight weeks.

Thank you to the TWG members for generously contributing their time and insights.


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