Doctors of BC policy papers: Division input wanted

Doctors of BC invites division physician members to provide their input/feedback on draft policy papers developed, respectively, by its Council on Health Promotion (COHP) and Council on Health Economics and Policy (CHEP). The papers were developed by working groups made up of physicians with a special interest in these two areas of health care quality improvement.

COHP’s Supporting Family Caregivers in BC focuses on identifying opportunities to enhance supports for unpaid caregivers in BC (e.g., spouse, relative, or friend) who provide the majority of day-to-day health care for BC’s sick and disabled.
Feedback deadline: March 4, 2016

CHEP’s Improvement of BC’s Health System Performance focuses on how we can better support and coordinate the quality improvement efforts of physicians and others around the province while also supporting sustainable improvement at a systems level.  
Feedback deadline: March 14, 2016  

To request a copy of either policy paper and to participate in the consultation process, e-mail