Division leaders participating in GPSC meetings

To strengthen the interface between divisions and the GPSC, the committee welcomes a group of family doctors to represent the division voice from the five regions across BC.

  • Fraser Health: Dr Ursula Luitingh and Dr Jeff Dresselhuis.
  • Interior: Dr Cecile Andreas and  Dr Lee MacKay.
  • Northern: Dr Karin Blouw.
  • Vancouver Coastal: Dr Jel Coward and  Dr Rachila Aucone.
  • Vancouver Island: Dr Steve Goodchild and Dr Adam Thompson.

These representatives were put forward by interdivisional strategic councils based on three criteria:

  • The representative represents the division voice provincially, as opposed to particular communities.
  • Each representative attend GPSC meetings for four months.
  • The representative must attend both days of the GPSC meeting per month.

Each representative will sit on the GPSC for about four meetings, often alternating between the two regional representatives, within eight months. This model aims to ensure continuity and to provide a long-term schedule for the selected representatives. As the GPSC is committed to a PDSA cycle, the committee will evaluate the process and model at the eight month period.

The GPSC looks forward to working with the physician representatives and with divisions.