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Team-based care: Model and supports enhance patient care, practice efficiency for Abbotsford GPs

The movement towards team-based care in BC is helping to ensure that doctors are better supported in providing comprehensive primary care ​to their patients. Two recent examples from the Abbotsford Division of Family Practice show the benefits that a team approach can have on a practice.

With a significant number of patients in the community dealing with diet-related chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, the Abbotsford Division of Family Practice launched a pilot project that involved four part-time dietitians providing service to patients of more than 30 GPs. Results included patients achieving healthier weights, shorter wait times, and ongoing support for patients in setting realistic, achievable goals. Click here to read more

The University of the Fraser Valley’s Advanced Medical Office Assistant (AMOA) program provides MOAs with training and tools to expand the scope of their jobs, which can enhance practice capacity and patient experience. Click here to read more about how an enhanced MOA role is helping one Abbotsford practice to optimize the way it works and supports patients, which includes moving toward a team-based approach to care. 


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