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Physician Engagement

The primary goal of the Divisions of Family Practice model is to bring family physicians together to work toward the health care solutions they want to see in their community. In fact, the division leaders who have robust and active physician engagement activities in place cite physician engagement as the most important aspect of a division’s operations and culture.

It is undeniable that physician engagement touches practically all aspects of a division, and that division leadership take it very seriously. But you may wonder what a good approach to physician engagement is or what challenges you might encounter. You may also wonder what your members think about physician engagement and what they consider appropriate.

Experience has shown there is no right or wrong approach to involving members in a division or for what it stands. Physician engagement is really about giving members opportunities to be involved in the work of their division, to engage in collegial activities, to get to know each other and to develop a sense of belonging and ultimately ownership of their division.

There are several ways that a division can approach physician engagement. Ultimately, each should do so in a way that their members feel is appropriate, useful and flexible, and that contributes to how the division achieves its desired goals.

Some divisions that have been successful with physician engagement have offered their ideas and resources and these are assembled here. If your division is considering physician engagement or wants to improve its current efforts, you can use these resources as a reference or to get some insight and ideas.

We’ve developed three case studies of divisions that have successfully engaged their members. In all three, you’ll see one certainty – it is not so much how they do it; instead, it’s how seriously they take it.

Click on the highlighted text in the case studies section to access other resources including role descriptions, job descriptions, process descriptions, definitions and useful websites that help to broaden understanding and the scope of the story.

We’ve also assembled some resources that you can use to develop physician engagement activities in your division. Click the buttons below to select the resources you’d like to access.

You can also tell us about a physician engagement experience other divisions may benefit from learning about and/or share feed back on these resources by contacting the provincial office.


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