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Each division approaches continuing medical education (CME) in a unique way. While all Family Physicians are required to participate in accredited CME programs to accumulate the credits necessary to maintain a medical license, divisions are learning their members want more than events that cater to their professional needs. There is also demand for events that support Family Physicians’ personal wellness, even if such sessions are not always accredited.

Aside from enrolling in CME programs provided by the College, Family Physicians participate in events provided by other organizations like post secondary institutions, health care organizations and Divisions of Family Practice. For all divisions, developing a CME program that strikes the right balance between professional and social offerings can provide great value to members.

This can be a daunting task as there are creative, administrative and logistical challenges to overcome. Operating a successful and engaging CME program requires a great deal of work and coordination among division staff and members.

Some divisions that have experienced success with their CME efforts offer their ideas and resources here so you can use them if your division is contemplating convening a CME event or developing a full program. These materials show how other divisions approach CME and how they addressed various challenges along the way. Click the buttons below to select the resources you’d like to access. 

Note: Click on the highlighted text in the case studies section to access other resources including role descriptions, job descriptions, process descriptions, terminology definitions, and useful websites that help to understand and broaden the scope of the story.

Tell us about a challenge you’ve encountered that you feel other divisions may benefit by knowing about or give us your feedback on these resources.


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