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Dr. Caroline Shooner has community impact on Haida Gwaii> May 17, 2021

Dr. Caroline Shooner, family doctor at the Xaayda Gwaay Ngaaysdll Naay, Haida Gwaii Hospital and Health Centre in Queen Charlotte, BC was recently presented the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) 2021 Rural Community Impact Award for her meaningful work on Haida Gwaii, home to the Haida First Nations.  Read more>

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New Smithers medical clinic offers COVID-19 assessment by referral> February 3, 2021

The new SMITHERS ASSESSMENT CLINIC provides an opportunity for high risk, non-emergency patients who are COVID-19 positive to safely see a family physician in person for an assessment. The clinic’s services range from physical assessments to home visits to care for non-hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Read more>

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Dr. Tracy Morton is one of two Pacific Northwest physicians to recieve the RCCbc's Award of Excellence in Rural Medicine: Lifetime Achievement>  June 25, 2020

 Dr. Morton models healthy work-home life balance through biking, meditation and yoga, travel, and cultivating healthy relationships. Read more>


The Terrace Women’s Wellness Group recieves the 2020 Award of Excellence for Team-based Rural Maternity Care>  June 25, 2020

The Terrace Women's Wellness Group which provides support for women’s reproductive health in BC’s Pacific Northwest – is the recipient of the 2020 Award of Excellence for Team-based Rural Maternity Care. This interprofessional team consists of Ob/Gyns, Drs. Dawid Janse van Rensburg and Kirsti Ziola, family physicians Drs. Carla Gemeinhardt, Amy Passmore, and Jacobus Strydom, and registered midwife Bethany Nash.    Read more>

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Dr. Riaan Van Der Wart of the Pacific Northwest, releases the trailer for his new film, The Family Doctor, to be released September 2020> May 19, 2020

"The Family Doctor”, is the story of a boy who wanted to become a doctor. During his training as a doctor in South Africa, a fateful encounter with a “Witchdoctor” sparks his curiosity in healing. He finishes his Medical Degree and he pursues the life of a modern day doctor. Many years later in rural Canada, he ends up burnt out. Not finding the Medicine he needs to recover, he sets out on an expedition in search of a cure. He meets a woman who knows where the Medicine is hidden, but the Doctor needs to discover it for himself. A compass is gifted to assist him on the toughest journey he is yet to make.

Based on a true story.  Watch the trailer here>

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Society of Rural Physicians of Canada - Rural Community Impact Award> May, 2020

Dr. Onoura Odoh of Houston, BC is awarded the new Rural Community Impact Award. Read more>

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Excellence in Rural Medicine: Lifetime Achievement awarded to Dr. Daphne Hart of Smithers, BC> June 21, 2019

After finishing her degree, Dr. Daphne Hart came on holidays to B.C. — and then never really left.  Read more>

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Terrace Physician receives BC College Coin>  May 2019

Dr. Gregory Linton is one of the recent recipients of the College Coin, a way for the BC College of Family Physicians to honour family physicians who deserve recognition for their work.  Read more>

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Pacific Northwest CHANGEBC Physicians use team-based approach to support patients with metabolic syndrome> Feb 6,  2019

Read the full story here.


Second new Medical Clinic opens in Terrace>  Sept 13, 2018

The HG Health Centre, owned by Dr. Herman Greeff opens its doors and welcomes the patients of Terrace.  Read more>


Village of Queen Charlotte in Haida Gwaii raises first ‘monumental’ totem pole in more than 200 years> June 24, 2018

A powerful event uniting the communities & strengthening the hospital.  The raising took place on “Hospital Day”, one of the oldest holidays on the Island. Read more>


New Medical Clinic opens in Terrace> June 13, 2018

The Spruce Medical Centre, Terrace’s newest general practitioners clinic, has officially opened for business.  It is the first of two new clinics to open in the community.  Read more>

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Two Terrace Doctors honoured with medical awards > June 8, 2018

Two Terrace doctors, Dr. Geoff Appleton and Dr. Jaco Strydom, were recently honoured with awards for their years of excellent medical service in Terrace, and for leadership in northwest medicine. Read more>


ChangeBC awarded the 2018 Rural Healthcare Award of Excellence in Rural Medicine: Effective and Efficient Healthcare Partnerships in Rural BC > May 18, 2018

Pacific Northwest family doctors win award for BC launch of the Change Program. Read more>

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Pacific Northwest Division Physician Lead, Dr. Geoffrey Appleton receives the 2018 Rural Healthcare Award of Excellence in Rural Medicine: Lifetime Achievement > May 12, 2018

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) is pleased to announce that Dr. Geoffrey Appleton of Terrace, BC is the recipient of its 2018 Award of Excellence in Rural Medicine: Lifetime Achievement. He was honoured at a ceremony at the RCCbc’s annual BC Rural Health Conference in Nanaimo on May 12.

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Pacific Northwest Division Member Dr. Jaco Strydom of Terrace, awarded the BCCFP College Coin > April 15, 2018

Pacific Northwest division member Dr Jaco Strydom has been awarded the College Coin from the BC College of Family Physicians for his outstanding work supporting patients in Terrace. 

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