North Shore Division of Family Practice

Recruitment and Retention

Aim: Recruit new North Shore family physicians, and support new, retiring, and locum physicians.

Physician Lead: Dr. Bella Hughan
Staff Contact: Tricia Raeburn -
Funding Source: A GP for Me, a joint initiative of the Government of BC and Doctors of BC

Our recruitment and retention activities are targeted at medical students and residents, physicians who are new to the North Shore, locums, and physicians who are nearing retirement. They include:

  • Maintaining the Work Here section of the North Shore Division of Family Practice website
  • Maintaining a list of North Shore locums
  • Providing tips for finding and hiring locums
  • Promoting the North Shore at conferences aimed at students, residents, and new physicians
  • Welcoming new North Shore physicians
  • Helping our members plan ahead for retirement