North Shore Division of Family Practice

Practice Support - Practice ​Management Working Group

Aim: To support family physicians in increasing capacity and improving efficiency in their practices

Physician Lead: Dr. Joanne Larsen
Project Lead: Candace Travis -
Partner: Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), Practice Support Program (PSP)
Funding Source: A GP for Me, a joint effort of the Government of BC and Doctors of BC

Our Practice Management Working Group is implementing the Complex Care Management Project (CCMP), which aims to help physicians enhance complex care registries in their electronic medical records (EMRs), recall patients to complete complex care plans, and bill complex care management fees (fee codes 14033 and 14075). Over 40 physicians have completed the CCMP, and the table below shows some of the results.




Newly identified complex care patients



Increase in complex care and chronic disease management billings



Increase in accuracy of patient registries




Practice Support Program (PSP)

The Practice Support Program (PSP) fosters transformation in patient care by helping physicians build capacity in their practices through the use of innovative clinical and practice management tools and strategies. The PSP offers a wide variety of learning and coaching opportunities in group and one-on-one settings. There is no cost to physicians for these services. For more information: