North Shore Division of Family Practice

Collaborative Services Committee

The Collaborative Services Committee (CSC) is a committee composed of representatives of the Division of Family Practice, the Health Authority and the Ministry of Health. The CSC will ensure that patient, family and community perspectives are used throughout the CSC planning processes. The CSC will provide a collaborative venue to co-design clinical programs and new ways of working together. The CSC will co-design clinical programs when all partners agree that an issue raised is a priority for all. This assessment is informed by data and when the proposed program area fulfills the objectives of the Triple Aim system of review (improves patient and provider experience, is financially sustainable and improves population health). The CSC will operate by consensus; if dispute arises the members will vote. The CSC was created to foster collaboration between family physicians, the health authority, and the GPSC, which is a joint partnership of the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC.  When appropriate, community partners are also asked to participate.

The GPSC provides one person to each local division as a representative of both Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health.  When a situation arises where particular individuals from Doctors of BC or Ministry of Health are needed, the GPSC ensures that person is available.