North Shore Division of Family Practice

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The North Shore Division of Family Practice is a diverse community of over 250 family physicians dedicated to excellence in primary care. As a member of the North Shore Division, you will be able to work with other physicians to create real change.

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Membership is free and here's why you should join:

  • Improved access to health authority and specialist services;

  • Access to free continuing medical education events with Mainpro+ accreditation;

  • Receive our weekly newsletter, The Weekly Division Update, which provide members with resources, tools, and news about North Shore Division activities and community partners;

  • Access to Pathways - a web-based resource that allows GPs and MOAs to quickly access current referral information;

  • A free UpToDate subscription;

  • Enhanced professional collegiality and opportunities to network; and

  • Greater impact on the organization of local and regional health services on the North Shore.


If you have any questions, please contact us at (778) 945-3017 or