North Shore Division of Family Practice

Healthcare Technologies


Our Practice Management Team at the North Shore Division is here to help with ensuring you are connected to and utilizing healthcare technologies relevant to your practice needs. We offer in-office support for your software questions related to the available medical software provided for patient care.

Enrolment to some of the key software to be used in your office can demand some time.  Privacy and Security forms may need to be signed, your ID is sometimes verified through the BC Services card app, and it’s usually done individually to confirm your identity. The team will provide guidance and support upon request. Some examples are CareConnect, Pathways, Up-to-Date, Prime, and Pharmanet, to name a few.

We also provide support in walking you through implementing new technologies such as Electronic Medical Records software, online booking platforms and enabling mass emailing to your patient panel. All of these require solid implementation planning and workflow changes.


Please reach out to our Practice Improvement Health Technology Coordinator, Marilu Encinas at