North Shore Division of Family Practice


Aim: Improve access to and communication process between North Shore family physicians and orthopedic surgeons
Physician Leads: Dr. Lisa Gaede and Dr. Alan Baggoo

The North Shore FP/Orthopedics Initiative started in 2013 in collaboration with North Shore orthopedic surgeons and Shared Care to improve access to orthopedic consultations and to improve communications between orthopedic surgeons and family physicians. This resulted in the development and implementation of the Rapid Orthopedic Consultation Clinic (ROCC) and Ortho Advice Line. Since the development of ROCC, we have seen a reduction in wait times from 18 months to 4 months. We continue to support our orthopedic colleagues in improving access, and to support our members in optimizing this invaluable service. 

Based on physician feedback, the working group revised the ROCC referral form. The group also worked with North Shore EMR vendors in embedding the form in EMRs.

Ortho Advice Line

Ortho Advice Line is available to all North Shore family physicians at 
(604) 980-0504 from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. 

Please call the Ortho Advice Line if: 

  • You need advice on protocols or managing an injury
  • An imaging report shows unexpected results
  • You are not sure if a patient's injury warrants an ortho consult