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Your Maternity Appointments

Maternity Appointments

Your pregnancy care might go something like the following for the next while:

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After baby comes, visits are every 1-2 weeks in person for their first 6 weeks of life.

Important Information about your Appointments

1. Phone/video appointments: You can choose if you prefer a phone or a video appointment, but please note video appointments may not always be available.

If you wish for a phone appointment, the doctor will call you when it is time for your appointment. 

If you have been booked for a video appointment, please log into https://doxy.me/MissionMaternity on your smart phone/tablet/laptop, type in your first name, and wait for the doctor to start the appointment. If it says the clinic is unavailable, please leave the virtual waiting room and wait for the doctor to call you.

Please stay near your device, recognizing that your doctor may be running late.

2. In person appointments:

  • Please notify the office staff by phone if you are sick. Don’t worry, we will still provide you with care, but you will receive instructions on how we can see you most safely. This includes mild illness such as runny nose, slight cough, or sore throat.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in your car if you drive, or wait in the main lobby/outside if you bus/walk. Call the front desk at 604-820-1021 to let us know you have arrived. You will wait in your car or outside the clinic until the doctor is ready for you. They will call you and tell you when it is time to come in.
  • To reduce exposure, only one person will be allowed in the clinic at a time (unless you are under age 20, or need someone to translate for you.) If others come with you, they will not be allowed in, so If you are bringing your kids, please also bring someone who can supervise them in the car or lobby.
  • If you are 36+ weeks pregnant, we need a urine sample. When you arrive you will be told to come in and leave a urine sample in the pre-labelled containers outside the bathroom, and then return to your car to wait for your appointment.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer when you enter the office and when you leave.
  • If you are bringing your newborn for a checkup, only mom and babe are allowed in the office. When you are called to come in, please carry baby in your arms with no extra bags, car seat, stroller, etc. We have diapers/wipes in the rooms if your baby needs one.

Emergency/ Add on Appointments

Sometimes things happen! If you need to be seen between your regular appointments, please call first (do not drop in) and we will give you instructions.


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