Mission Division of Family Practice

Shared Care Projects

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What is Shared Care?

Shared Care work helps to build a collaborative infrastructure to support sustainable improvements for a coordinated health care system in British Columbia. The mandate of this collaborative committee is to support Family and Specialist Physicians to improve the coordination of care from primary to specialist services.

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Shared Care initiatives have demonstrated positive results in improving the coordination of care between GPs, specialists, and other health professionals, in a variety of different ways. 

Mission's Projects

To date, Mission has been involved with Spread Networks (including Maternity). The goal is to create opportunities for good work to spread efficiently, and to make it easier for successful models to be adapted to local needs.

JCC Resource Catalogue

The JCC Resource Catalogue is an easy-to-search database with a wide variety of resources that cover many subjects. The resources contributed were found to be beneficial and valuable to divisions’ work, and many were created specifically by and/or for divisions. All resources were added with permission from the divisions involved, or were sourced from public web locations such as the Divisions of Family Practice website, GPSC website, and several partner websites.

Some resources are public, while others are password protected and require user registration for access. Currently login access is reserved for division staff, physician leads and division board members.If you have questions, or would like to contribute resources, please contact divisions@doctorsofbc.ca.

To learn more about Shared Care opportunities in Mission, please connect with Cristina Rouillier