Nanaimo Division of Family Practice

Board Chair: Dr Roger Walmsley, MD

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Dr. Roger Walmsley completed his Emergency Medicine residency through Canadian College of Family Physicians sponsorship between 1988-1991 and has been in the emergency room full time since then. He has had an interest in addiction medicine for several years, is the current Director of the Clearview Detox Centre and the Addictions Lead for Island Health in Central Island. Dr. Walmsley is passionate about the preservation of “time with patient” focus versus the institutional growth of a “cult of efficiency” and “the viral intrusion of information technology" in the administration and management of health care. Through his role as Chair, Dr. Walmsley hopes to learn how to use Divisional resources and team-skills to streamline primary care, specialist care, and support services within our region. He believes we need to rethink the relationship between primary care clinics, walk-in clinics, and the emergency room to remove roadblocks to timely care and socioeconomic discrepancies.