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Congratulations On Your Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy

Welcome to the Mission Maternity Clinic!

We are a group of family doctors who love providing maternity care. We want your pregnancy, delivery, and time with your newborn to be as healthy and satisfying as possible. 

If you have an urgent problem related to your pregnancy before you reach 20 weeks, please call our office or proceed to your local Emergency Department.

After you are 20 weeks, for any urgent problem that could be related to your pregnancy please call our office or the Abbotsford Regional Hospital Maternity Ward: 604-851-4814

  • If you notice a reduction in your baby’s movements and have not had a successful kick count
  • If you experience vaginal bleeding, leaking of amniotic fluid, or repetitive cramping or contractions
  • In case of sudden onset of abdominal pain, severe headache, difficulty breathing
  • If you are unable to eat or drink longer than 24 hours, or have other severe symptoms

If you are between 37 & 41 weeks, in addition to these reasons, you should call or go to ARH Maternity ward:

  • When your contractions are every five minutes and lasting 45-60 seconds and are strong enough that you cannot walk or talk through them, or if you feel your water has broken

Once your baby is born, please call our office to book a follow-up appointment. We will see you and your baby less than one week after you leave the hospital. Post-partum emergencies can also be seen at ARH Maternity Triage 604-851-4814.


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