Langley Division of Family Practice

Barb Stack, Program Lead

The Division welcomes Barb Stack to the team as Patient Navigator for frail and elderly. As the former Executive Director of the Langley Seniors Center, Barb brings extensive knowledge of community services available for seniors as well as how to navigate the system that is available to them and their caregivers. Barb is putting a together resource manual of services and programs for seniors living in Langley that will be available soon to each practice, electronically (pathways) and/or by paper copy. Barb will work to connect patients with specific services that they need with the goal of decreasing the time spent by the practices to navigate the system for their patients.

Barb also worked on the A GP for Me initiative to help attach 1300 frail and pre-frail seniors living in the community to primary care. This was a big challenge and support from the practices, community, and the Division will be essential in meeting this goal.

If you know a senior or caregiver that needs support finding services or resources in Langley, please give out Barb’s email or phone number to them or feel free to call yourself. Barb would be happy to drop off business cards for you to give out to those seniors in need of support to help facilitate this process.

Barb can be reached at the Division office at 604 510-5081 or e-mail