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Telehealth - RACE, ED-ICU Video Conference, Telehealth, Secure Texting

The Shared Care Telehealth project formally got underway in January this year and started off with a flurry of activity. Bringing together two digital care initiatives started in previous Shared Care projects, Tele-maternity and Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE), the Technology in Practice project expands on the opportunities to use in-clinic video conferencing for better patient care, and the adoption of secure texting for physician communications including RACE.

Key Accomplishments to date:


  • Hosted engagements with 35 physicians (family physicians and specialists) and Interior Health colleagues to meet new Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Douglas Kingsford on the future of IT;
  • Engagements with 70 physicians (family physicians and specialists) to determine interest in secure texting system implementation;
  • Completed patient telehealth survey;
  • Installed in-clinic secure video conferencing systems in 17 locations ~ 8 family physician clinics, 9 specialists;
  • Eight specialties engaged to provide video conferencing services for patients;
  • 13 patients seen through video conferencing testing;
  • Implementation plan for secure texting developed for Fall 2016.
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